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A wiki for the universe containing the fictional National Hockey League team the Minneapolis Phoenixes, and the teams, players, and other participants in that world.

What is Hockeyverse?Edit

Hockeyverse began as a prompt by Kai (librariandragon) for Lexie (aromanticgcallen) in November of 2014. Lexie wrote a snippet of a story about siblings Jesse, Michelle, and Brigit Marvel, and not too long after, it spiraled into an entire AU with a full roster of hockey players, a smattering of teams, and, of course, a tragic death to set everything in motion. With contributions from Kai and Ruth (bb-ace), the players quickly began accumulating names, personalities, extended family, and upsetting pasts (and presents). The universe gained timeline and plot and 'episodes' spanning the AU NHL season of 2015-16.

This wiki contains information on players, teams, events, and episode summaries of existing, alternate history, and planned future stories within the AU.

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